Latest News

July 2019
Mariager kirke (Denmark) now officially own the Chest organ op. 1! Congratulations!

June 2018
The new Chest Organ op. 3 is ready to be played!

June 2018
Almost ready the new Chest Organ op .3, with some very innovative technical solutions!

August 2016
Restoration: F.lli Ruffatti, 1956, II-P-16, Claut (Pordenone, Italy)

Just delivered (February 2016)
Chest Organ op. 1, I-3, now guest at Mariager Kirke (Denmark)

Genuary 2016
Maintenance: Beniamino Zanin 1904, I-P-14, Goricizza (Udine, Italy)

December 2015
Maintenance: Valentino Zanin 1857 - Franz Zanin 1977, II-P-32, Palazzolo dello Stella (Udine, Italy)

February 2015

Delivered: New organ op. 2, I-P-10, Vissandone (Udine, Italy)

May 2014
Restoration: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1924, II-P-12, Risano (Pavia di Udine, Italy)

June 2013
Maintenance: Pietro Zanin 1910, I-P-12, Ajello del Friuli (Udine, Italy)

November 2012
The new Chest Organ op. 1 is finished and ready!

August 2012

Restoration: Giuseppe Zanin e Figlio 1956, 2-P-15, Driolassa (Udine, Italy)

May 2012
Maintenance: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1926, II-P-11, Pradamano (Udine, Italy)

Augost 2010
Restoration: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1912, 1-P-11, Montereale Valcellina (Udine, Italy)

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