The new organ opus II has been recently finished, with voicing and tuning in the end of January 2015. The church of S. Michele Arcangelo in Vissandone is located in Udine, north-east of Italy.

The instrument is clearly inspired by the venetian school of the XVIII century, with all its peculiarities, but it has been enhanced with some features that permit the execution of wider repertoire, as well as to be confortable for the acompaniment of the congregation and choirs, as specifically requested by the committance.

The keyboard of 58 notes (C1-a5), the pedalboard of 30 notes (C-f), the generous Subbass (30 pipes without the traditional repetition) and the wooden Bordun in the manual bring the sonoroties and the capabilities of this organ, in dispite of its dimentions, to the next level. The round and full Principal, the Ripieno family large and definite, though not aggressive, the colours of the Cornetta and Flute in XII (fifth), the clear and full Flauto in Ottava, the delicate Bordone with its spiccato speach are just some aspects that put this instrument in full connection with the best italian tradition and at the same time versatile and friendly.

The stops

  • Principale (Bass & Discant) [8']
  • Ottava [4']
  • Decimaquinta [2']
  • Decimanona [1 1/3']
  • Vigesimaseconda [1']
  • Bordone (Bass & Discant) [8']
  • Flauto in Ottava (Bass & Discant) [4']
  • Flauto in Duodecima (Discant) [2 2/3']
  • Cornetta [1 3/5']
  • Subbasso [16']


  • Pedal to Manual coupler

Bass & Discant split

  • C3-C#3


  • 438 Hz at 18° C.


  • Naturally Equal

Improvisations on the choral "Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren" by Dario Andreella, recorded on January the 29th 2015.

G. Frescobaldi - Canzona dopo la Pistola (Messa della Madonna, Fiori Musicali)

Til himlene rækker din miskundhed, Gud

Trois petits épisodes

Exultet Coelum laudibus

Fantasia Aperta (Bordone, Decimanona)

O fonte dell'amore

Fantasia sul Cornetto (Decimaquinta, Decimanona, Bordone S, Flauto in Ottava S, Flauto in XII, Cornetta)

Scherzo (Flauto in Ottava)

G. Frescobaldi - Toccata avanti la Messa (Messa degli Apostoli, Fiori Musicali)

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