Latest News

July 2019
Mariager kirke (Denmark) now officially own the Chest organ op. 1! Congratulations!

June 2018
The new Chest Organ op. 3 is ready to be played!

June 2018
Almost ready the new Chest Organ op .3, with some very innovative technical solutions!

August 2016
Restoration: F.lli Ruffatti, 1956, II-P-16, Claut (Pordenone, Italy)

Just delivered (February 2016)
Chest Organ op. 1, I-3, now guest at Mariager Kirke (Denmark)

Genuary 2016
Maintenance: Beniamino Zanin 1904, I-P-14, Goricizza (Udine, Italy)

December 2015
Maintenance: Valentino Zanin 1857 - Franz Zanin 1977, II-P-32, Palazzolo dello Stella (Udine, Italy)

February 2015

Delivered: New organ op. 2, I-P-10, Vissandone (Udine, Italy)

May 2014
Restoration: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1924, II-P-12, Risano (Pavia di Udine, Italy)

June 2013
Maintenance: Pietro Zanin 1910, I-P-12, Ajello del Friuli (Udine, Italy)

November 2012
The new Chest Organ op. 1 is finished and ready!

August 2012

Restoration: Giuseppe Zanin e Figlio 1956, 2-P-15, Driolassa (Udine, Italy)

May 2012
Maintenance: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1926, II-P-11, Pradamano (Udine, Italy)

Augost 2010
Restoration: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1912, 1-P-11, Montereale Valcellina (Udine, Italy)

The pipe organ is first of all a musical instrument, and not only an artwork and a cultural asset. To offer its precious service, it must be kept in good operating conditions with periodical check-ups, cleanings and regulations, and voicing and tuning as well, exactly like any other musical instrument needs to be treated.

Where ever an organ is, in a chrch, in a concert hall, in an academy or at home, the "machine side" of the instrument must be maintained in good shape constantly. That's the only way to keep it working and playing at its best. It's also the only way to avoid big restorations and maintenances, off course heavier both in terms of qualty and quantity of the work (and of costs, off course).

The organist, or the owner/responsible, must take care of the instruemnt, keeping in contact with the organ builder for its health and functionality.

At least every year an organ should be checked up (mechanics' regulation, windchests and bellows control etc) and tuned.


Listen to the Pietro Zanin organ 1920, I-P-12, in Ajello del Friuli (Udine, Italy), after maintenance.

Improvisations by Dario Andreella, recorded on June the 19th 2013.