Latest News

July 2019
Mariager kirke (Denmark) now officially own the Chest organ op. 1! Congratulations!

June 2018
The new Chest Organ op. 3 is ready to be played!

June 2018
Almost ready the new Chest Organ op .3, with some very innovative technical solutions!

August 2016
Restoration: F.lli Ruffatti, 1956, II-P-16, Claut (Pordenone, Italy)

Just delivered (February 2016)
Chest Organ op. 1, I-3, now guest at Mariager Kirke (Denmark)

Genuary 2016
Maintenance: Beniamino Zanin 1904, I-P-14, Goricizza (Udine, Italy)

December 2015
Maintenance: Valentino Zanin 1857 - Franz Zanin 1977, II-P-32, Palazzolo dello Stella (Udine, Italy)

February 2015

Delivered: New organ op. 2, I-P-10, Vissandone (Udine, Italy)

May 2014
Restoration: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1924, II-P-12, Risano (Pavia di Udine, Italy)

June 2013
Maintenance: Pietro Zanin 1910, I-P-12, Ajello del Friuli (Udine, Italy)

November 2012
The new Chest Organ op. 1 is finished and ready!

August 2012

Restoration: Giuseppe Zanin e Figlio 1956, 2-P-15, Driolassa (Udine, Italy)

May 2012
Maintenance: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1926, II-P-11, Pradamano (Udine, Italy)

Augost 2010
Restoration: Domenico Malvestio e Figlio 1912, 1-P-11, Montereale Valcellina (Udine, Italy)

I decided to open my own organ building workshop in January 2006, after my graduation at the Pipe Organ Art School (Crema, Italy) and after 8 years of experience as employee at the workshops of known and important italian organ builders. I operate mainly in my region, Friuli Venezia Giulia (north-east of Italy), both with maintenances and restorations. I began building new instruments too.

Following the best, most ancient italian tradition in organ building, but paying attention to research and creativity, I try to keep together new technologies and manual art, caring of particulars and details and carefully choosing the best quality materials and techniques.

Precious and selected woods, naturally processed lether, metals from the most noble tradition, natural glues capable of reversibility and natural pigments and finishings, together with artisanship and love for particulars in every single component, guarantee results that don't reserve surprises and give big satisfactions, both restoring ancient organs or building a new one.

Last update: November the 2nd, 2019