The new Chest Organ (op. 1) has been finished at the beginning of November 2012. In dispite of its small dimensions, this organ can give much satisfaction both alone and playing with other instruments. The keyboard consists of 54 notes, C-f, the first octave is chromatic. Each of the 3 stops is divided into bass and discant, to ensure the highest flexibility. The instrument can be transposed one semitone, without any note loss, both at 415 or 440 Hz.

The instrument is built out of the finest materials, with great attention for details and entirely in my workshop, from each one of the 165 pipe (110 of wood, 55 of metal) to each mechanical part, the wind chest, bellow, frame and case.Disposition

  • Bordun (8') Bass/Discant
  • Open Flute (4') Bass/Discant
  • Principal (2') Bass/Discant

Both the bourdon and the flute are built of harmonic fir wood, the flute is open from F2 (18).

The 2 f. principal is built of tin/lead alloy (25% tin).

The bass & discant split point is set between C#3 and D3 at 415, C3 and C#3 at 440 Hz.

Various combinations - Partita super "Guds gohed vil vi prise"










Flauto+Decimaquinta, Bordone+Decimaquinta - Sonatina

Flauto+Decimaquinta, Bordone+Flauto - Eco

Bordone+Flauto, Bordone - Eco II

Decimaquinta, Flauto - Adagio

Flauto, Bordone+Decimaquinta - Adagio II

Decimaquinta, Bordone - Ave maris Stella

Decimaquinta, Flauto - Canone

Flauto, Bordone+Decimaquinta - Canone II

Bordone+Flauto, Bordone+Decimaquinta - Continuo

Bordone+Flauto, Bordone - Continuo II

Decimaquinta, Flauto - Dialogo

Flauto, Bordone - Dialogo II

Decimaquinta, Flauto - Dialogo III

Decimaquinta, Flauto (+ Random doorphone) - Scherzo


More Examples:

Flauto, Bordone+Decimaquinta - Alternatim cum imitatione

Flauto+Decimaquinta, Bordone+Decimaquinta - Ave maris Stella II

Bordone+Flauto+Decimaquinta - Continuo III

Bordone+Flauto - Continuo IV

Bordone - Continuo V

Various combinations - Sonata II

Bordone - Staccato e Legato

Bordone+Flauto / Flauto solo - "Min Jesu, lad mit hjerte få"

Flauto solo / Bordone+Flauto - "Nu blomstretiden kommer"

Various combinations - Partita super "Vor Herre Jesu mindefest"

Various combinations - Passacaglia

Decimaquinta - Toccata I

Flauto - Canzona

Flauto+Decimaquinta - "Rind nu op i Jesu navn"

Bordone+Flauto - "Til Himlene rækker din miskundhed, Gud"


Sample tracks by Dario Andreella, recorded at Renzo Grosso's Workshop in Bertiolo (Udine, Italy) between the 7th and 8th of November 2012.

  • Tuning: 410 Hz, 11° C.
  • Temperament: Meantone, 1/4 s.c.